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Amy’s Pic Sets

Pic Set #1

File Quantity: 115 Pics      File Size: 132mb      File Type: Zip      Pic Size: 1728 x 1152

        1013896_485169158219066_264081359_n       A-3       A-4       A-13

Pic Set #2

File Quantity: 107 Pics      File Size: 133mb      File Type: Zip      Pic Size: 1728 x 1152

            aa bb cc dd

 Pic Set #3

File Quantity: 59 Pics      File Size: 63mb      File Type: Zip       Pic Size: 1728 x 1152

         1            2            3            4

Pic Set #4

File Quantity: 149 Pics      File Size: 169mb      File Type: Zip      Pic Size: 1728 x 1152


Pic Set #5

File Quantity: 112 Pics       File Size: 151 mb      File Type: Zip      Pic Size: 1152 x 1728

A-5  A-6  A-7  A-19

Amy’s Videos

Video #1

Run Time: 6:11min     Size: 144mb      File Type: .wmv

Amy 1