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Talia’s Pic Sets

Pic Set #1

File Quantity: 112 Pics      File Size: 121mb      File Type: Zip      Pic Size: 1664 x 2496

PicSet1-1    PicSet1-2    PicSet1-3    PicSet1-4

Pic Set #2

File Quantity: 92 Pics      File Size: 113mb       File Type: Zip      Pic Size: 1664 x 2496

PicSet2-1     PicSet2-2     PicSet2-3     PicSet2-4

Pic Set #3

File Quantity: 102 Pics      File Size: 116mb      File Type: Zip      Pic Size: 1664 x 2496

PicSet2-5              PicSet3-1              PicSet3-2              PicSet3-3

Pic Set #4

File Quantity: 128 Pics      File Size: 347mb      File Type: Zip      Pic Size: 1664 x 2496

PicSet4-3       PicSet4-1       PicSet4-2       PicSet4-4

Pic Set #5

File Quantity: 149 Pics      File Size: 287mb     File Type: Zip      Pic Size: 1920 x 1280

PicSet6-1            PicSet6-2            PicSet6-3           PicSet6-4

Pic Set #6

File Quantity: 136 Pics      File Size: 280mb      File Type: Zip      Pic Size: 1280 x 1920

PicSet5-1  PicSet5-2   PicSet5-3   PicSet5-4

Pic Set #7

File Quantity: 182 Pics      File Size: 265mb      File Type: Zip      Pic Size: 1728 x 1152

PicSet7-1            PicSet7-2            PicSet7-3            PicSet7-4

Pic Set #8

File Quantity: 124 Pics      File Size: 243mb      File Type: Zip      Pic Size: 1728 x 1152

8-1    8-2    8-3    8-4 

Pic Set #9

File Quantity: 80 Pics      File Size: 143mb      File Type: Zip      Pic Size: 1728 x 1152


Talia’s Videos

Video #1

Run Time: 11:38min     Size: 784mb      File Type: .wmv

Talia 1

Video #2

Run Time: 7:37min     Size: 181mb      File Type: .wmv

Talia 2

Video #3

Run Time: 13:26min     Size: 322mb      File Type: .wmv

Talia 3

Video #4

Run Time: 13:37min     Size: 327mb      File Type: .wmv

Talia 4

Video #5

Run Time: 12:28min     Size: 296mb      File Type: .wmv

Talia 5

Video #6

Run Time: 11:47min     Size: 258mb      File Type: .wmv

Talia 6

Video #7

Run Time: 15:26min     Size: 339mb      File Type: .wmv

Talia 7

Video #8

Run Time: 7:43min     Size: 167mb      File Type: .wmv

Talia 8


Video #9

Run Time: 2:40min     Size: 113mb      File Type: .wmv