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Brianna’s Pic Sets

Pic Set #1

File Quantity: 93 Pics      File Size: 102mb      File Type: Zip      Pic Size: 2666 x 4000

      15a           16a           17a           18a

Pic Set #2

File Quantity: 100 Pics      File Size: 96mb      File Type: Zip      Pic Size: 2666 x 4000

10a   11a  13a  14a

Pic Set #3

File Quantity: 244 Pics      File Size: 192mb      File Type: Zip      Pic Size: 1000 x 1500

1a    2a    8a    9a

Brianna’s Videos

Video #1

Run Time: 8:13min     Size: 195mb      File Type: .wmvpe: .wmv

Brianna 1

Video #2

Run Time: 8:45min     Size: 209mb      File Type: .wmv.wmv

Brianna 2

Video #3

Run Time: 3:23min     Size: 89mb      File Type: .wmv

Brianna 3